Flat Editor for Unity

About Flat Editor

Flat Editor is an open-source UI framework for the Unity Game Engine Editor. It's designed primarily for Asset developers, but it's for everyone who wants it.

Flat Editor is a blatant ripoff homage to Bootstrap. As such attempts to implement and build off of Bootstrap's functionality as much as possible.

Support Flat Editor

Flat Editor is open-source, under the GNU General Public License v3. The absolute best way to support Flat Editor is to contribute!

Github Repository

Fix it, clean it up, fork it and hack on it -- do whatever, just follow the GPL conditions

(disclose the source, note changes, and keep the GPL, basically).

Better and easier-to-build Asset UI means better easier-to-use Unity Assets, and that means better games, and everyone generally just has a better time and more fun.

If you like Flat Editor and want to show your support (but don't have the time to contribute) consider buying me a coffee and I will do my best to turn that caffeine into useful code:



Short Term

  • Finish these docs

Long Term

  • Less verbose column management
  • Font-embedded Glyphs
  • Multiple concurrent Glyph sources
  • Barebones (no styling, layout only) mode